Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I was recently buying some bacon from the meat counter at my supermarket. It was one of the rare weeks that they had it for less than the prepackaged pounds. The butcher that was helping me was particularly friendly and asked me what I was going to be making with my delicious thick cut bacon. I told him I was just going to bake it for breakfast. He said oh yeah baked bacon like he knew what I was talking about. I said oh you bake your bacon too, he said hu what are you talking about.
I told him that instead of frying the bacon in a skillet on the top of a stove I have found I can save a lot of time by putting it in the oven. He wanted more information so here is what I told him. I bake it at 350 F on a cookie sheet, the larger kind that have the rolled edges.  I believe the official name is jelly roll pan but any vessel would work as long as you are not over lapping them and there is enough of an edge to catch the grease drippings.

If your oven is anything like mine you want to rotate the sheet half way through baking or every 15 minutes. Most ovens have different temperatures in different areas so not everything cooks evenly unless you rotate your pans threwought baking. Usually just half way one time is all that is necessary.  If you have a convect option this helps to speed things up.  We like ours very crispy but not burned. If you like your still a bit chewey you can always take it out whenever you so desire. 

Big time saver in my opinion and if your not sure about your pan sticking or don't want the clean up you can line your trays with some tinfoil and a quick cooking oil spray. This is a good way to render that fat so you can freeze it and save it for other delicious dishes but that is another post.

For VERY detailed step-by-step instructions including pictures you can go HERE.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Disney On Ice Give-A-Way Late Poster

Great news if you were still wanting a chance to win some Disney On Ice tickets for next week.  Katie at chaseandkatie.blogspot.com is giving away 3 of her family 4-packs this week.  Hurry and get your entry posted it looks like you have until Wednesday midnight to enter.  Good luck!!!