Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Overnight Diaper Leakage

My youngest child, who is a boy and currently 1&1/2 years old  has had a problem with being wet in the morning. I have tried a few tricks and have ended up with the best things that work for us.  You are welcome to try or not them.  Here they are in order of how I have tried them:

larger diaper - go to the next size of diaper.
double diaper - put on on top of the other. Position the 1st diaper as far in the front as possible and then fold down when you put the 2nd one on top. This will allow the wetness to go into the 2nd diaper.
nightime diaper - nighttime diapers worked good for a little while.
nightime diaper and regular diaper on top - use the double diapering technique.
diaper and double diaper (any combination) with plastic pants covering - found a package of 4 plastic pants in the newborn section of my local Wal-Mart. These have been the best component of the solution so far.
feminine maxi pad insert - yes you read correctly I have used a maxi pad as an insert to the diaper. I tried the thin kind first and my son developed a rash. I switched to the cheapest store brand and no further problems.

The current diaper situation that I use is a nighttime diaper, a maxi pad, and a plastic cover.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Out Throw Up Smell

My son decided to choke on a cracker the other morning. I had just turned onto my sitters street. Bright minded me thought that I could catch his throw up in my one free hand. What is it about moms that we think this is EVER a good idea? I don't see my DH (dear husband) ever do something as self punishing as this. So I end up having 1 hand covered in vomit, trying to drive with the other hand and trying to verbally soothe the crying 1&1/2 year old while listening to his older sister 3&1/2 tell me how gross that was and how bad it smells... Really? Okay thank you DD (dear daughter) because I'm not sitting right here with some of the gross bad smelling juice all over my hand. I would not have known that without you telling me.

Thank you modern technology for BABY WIPES. Ended up getting most everything cleaned up with baby wipes as best I could. Let my DS (dear son) actually walk for once to the sitters door because I don't want to try and carry him and get gross bad smelling juice all over my clothes too. My DS tends to be new to being walk free so being let free was fun until I had to catch him and manage him inside. Glad I remembered to update the extra set of clothes for him when the last were used. DS didn't have to run in tennis shoes and a diaper all day.

Now for the smelling car. UG.. I had one of the busiest day's at work than I've had in a long time.. and Murphy's Laws of course had to play into this one... I was in my car more yesterday than any work day in the past 2 years. With no way to clean the gross bad smelling juice up until I got home I got to take my vehicle here and there and park it in the hot Utah sun to bake that smell in as best I could. I call one of my dear sisters that has 6 kids... no your eyes are not needing to be examined, I really did type 6. Certainly someone with that much child rearing experience has got to know the BEST possible way, to get gross bad smell out of my vehicle, and hopefully the fastest.  In talking with her, she says soapy water and elbow grease. Okay, not so much help there. I had kind of sort of already done that with the baby wipes right?

Most of the gross bad smelling juice ended up on the car seat cover. So pulled that to be washed. I also took an old toothbrush, some Lysol and a rag and commenced seeking and destroying any remaining bits of gross bad smelling particles that had once had juice infused into them. I was hopeful that the Lysol would be the end of the story and I wouldn't have to go to a more involved process requiring more steps.

This morning I am VERY happy to report. 1% possible gross bad smelling juice smell and 99% Lysol smell. I'm going to buy one for every vehicle. Thank you Lysol.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jump Start Your Morning The Night Before

Do you have a launch pad for first thing in the morning? A launch pad is a place you put all of your items that you will need as you are walking out the door. This doesn't include of course anything like a lunch that needs to be refrigerated. A great way to jump start your morning is to start The Night Before. It really doesn't take very long to gather the items needed for yourself or for others in your house if they are too small to do it for themselves like my children are.  Older kids can do this for themselves.

If I'm having an off night and I don't do this there is a good chance that I will just push my being out of sync until the morning. I have a much smoother morning if I set up the bags on my launch pad that is my kitchen table right now, and pack how many diapers, pull ups, snacks, double check the change of clothes and put in anything else that is needed for the next day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Welcome to my Blog. First post is always the hardest right? Well for me trying to come up with a blog site name and title was something that kept me perplexed for days and weeks.  What I am hoping for on this blog is to share how I keep things together one day at a time. Occasionally I will have an 'ideal' day and that is ideal. I don't have an expectation of things ever being 'perfect' and I'm okay with that too. Progress is my mantra. Progress in becoming a better wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, friend or employee.  

I am a full-time wife, mother and worker at a professional corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am 37 and turn 38 in less than 30 days. I continually have new ideas from all sorts of sources on being a better person that ends up effecting me being a better in all those other hats that I have to rotate between.  Hopefully you may find some of my finds helpful to you. 

Thank you for reading. I am excited for this journey.