Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dinner Time Re-Design

If I had it my way I would spend more time in the kitchen every day. I honestly LOVE to cook and sometimes create with cooking and baking. Since having children it has proved to be harder and harder to spend the amount of time needed to even get the basics done. My weekly schedule would usually include one or two easy, but still cooked fresh meals. The rest were left overs from the weekend or some thing from the freezer. I have premade by me freezer items and prepackaged things too.

In an effort to get the kids into bed at a decent hour I have been playing with not cooking anything during the week, unless it's REALLY easy like scrambled eggs. I have tried the last couple of weeks cooking on the weekend the meals for the week and then warming them up during the week.

This has been successful so far. Nice to not have the hassle of the kids wanting to help or them just wanting to be near me while I'm in the kitchen. Too many people under foot has been a huge irritant for me since childhood. Possibly part of my ADD and it creating more distractions to pull me off task.

I'm sure I'll get back to cooking more one day but for now that is the way it has to be for a happier me. Everyone likes a happier me right?