Friday, February 25, 2011

Disney On Ice Give-A-Way 4 of 4

I have one last family 4-pack of passes to give away.   I don't know if any of you caught onto the "theme" I was making your comments be about but they were different things that they will be celebrating at the Disney On Ice Show.  For more details on show times and all other information that they will be celebrating and where to buy tickets for Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate click HERE

Here is how to play for my 4th and final pass give-a-way:
Leave a comment on THIS post about something you have done or received that was out of the ordinary special on Valentines Day.  Doesn't have to be this year.  Prior comments on prior posts will not be considered valid. All comments to be considered for contest entry must be submitted by SUNDAY, February 27, 2011, 6:00 p.m. Utah time
I've never been much into Valentines Day and my husband was never in to it much either. Since being married we decided to not celebrate on Valentines Day but the day that we met for the first time which is 2 days later. We can get Valentines Day card or an Anniversary card. A friend of mine had a fun tradition of making GIANT heart cookies for her family every year. So last year I adopted the idea and started to do the same for my husband and kids. Its nothing grand but its fun for us.


  1. We aren't big vday celebraters here either, but this year I did make up a basket of little cookie bags with "love" coupons for my husband and dropped left in his car at work with a card and his favorite soda to surprise him. I might have to steal that idea of the giant heart cookie in the future.

    PS, I soooo want to win :)


  2. My husband forgot one year and when his step-dad found out he made him "drop and give him 20" right on the side of the road. Needless to say he has gotten very good at remembering :) He is also good at leaving little notes and poems for me. My kids love to decorate the room with hearts and have pink foods and drinks.
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  3. We've never gotten into the valentines day stuff either! and i thought i was out of place! Lol. We've gone out to dinner, and i get flowers and a card that actually is very heart felt. Come to think of it, i really lovegetting that card from my hunny.

  4. I like to celebrate valentines day with the kids! We like to decorate heart shaped cookies and make valentines. I can not think of anything really out of the ordinary, but this year is the first year I started making valentines shaped chocolates, which the kids really liked!
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